20130401: Lewis from purple to pink! - April fools' day story 2013
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The new signing does not come without controversy, and current recruiter and film consultant Jarle Magnus Henriksen was especially vocal against the signing, pointing out that Lewis has a background wearing pink. Henriksen was let go by AFC Show, and Club President Håkon Halvorsen, a lawyer by trade, stated:
​"I don't give a rat's ass - we've got Ray Lewis!"

The communication between AFC Show and Lewis started approximately a year ago when former Show DB Sivert Duvsete tweeted the Ravens player about how AFC QB Pål Dannevig looks like a scrawny mix between Joe Flacco and Aaron Rodgers.

​​This apparently struck a chord with Lewis, and a friendship between Lewis and AFC Show swagmasters Duvsete & Simon Bruset soon followed. Bruset later met Lewis in London for negotiations (see picture in this article for proof), and soon after Lewis prepared his NFL retirement papers.

The newest addition to the team will be filling in as an inside linebacker in addition to playing Fullback. Head Coach and QB Reed Gottula plans to have him protect his blind side instead of a left tackle, which will free up one more lineman to play on the right side of the offensive line. It will create an unbalanced formation that has balanced blocking; something that has never been seen before in the game of football.

The board of AFC Show is particularily pleased that Lewis' traditional pre-game antics is a thing of the past, as the showmanship he has displayed doesn't fit Show's more low-key profile.​​​​ Comments Athletic Director Jarle Vangsnes: "Part of the farm team deal with the Tønsberg Raiders is that Erik Andre Skorge will perform the chicken dance during our pre-game. There simply wasn't room for one more ritual in the same genre".

Lewis has made a press release, which among other things states:
-​ I look forward to studying law and doing a Master's degree in the making of documentary film at the University of Stavanger, and at the same time playing football for AFC Show. I expect the Norwegian league to be my playground for the next 30 or so years. THAT will be my next legacy!

We welcome Ray Lewis to AFC Show and look forward to seeing him go from purple to pink!​​

After lengthy negotiations that started over a year ago, an outstanding former NFL Linebacker will be switching from the purple uniform of the Baltimore Ravens to the pink uniform of AFC Show!

With Reed Gottula and Darryl Kennon taking the two non-European player spots on the AFC Show 2013 roster, it was hard to get the LB on the roster, but through cooperation from the University of Stavanger he is now a full-time student​​​​ and therefore counts as a Norwegian according to the federation's rules.

AFC Show is extremely pleased to present the newest addition to our team: Ray Lewis!​​

Simon Bruset & Ray Lewis during negotiations
Ray Lewis hinting to the change during the 2012 NFL season